When I was in the eighth grade I was given an assignment in school to plan the rest of my life— a reasonable request for a 13 year old. I knew one thing: I loved making photos. I Google searched "Careers in photography" and found photojournalism, then “Colleges with photojournalism major” and found Boston University.
Almost a decade later, I'm a BU alum with a B.A. in photojournalism.
Since embarking on this whacky career I've had the pleasure of following my photos travel around the world on the Associated Press and Getty wire, watching my videos gather millions of views on Facebook and waking up eight times to my photo on A1 of The Oregonian.
I was bit by the political bug during the 2016 election (as many others were), and recently packed up and moved to Washington D.C. to shoot in the White House and on Capitol Hill for Roll Call.
If you'd like more information about me or my work drop me a line or send me a message!
cell: (484)-213-0816                                         email: silbiger@bu.edu
Photo by Olivia Nadel

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